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December 28, 2005 - Bonnie's Bookstore fans may be interested in the concept art that led to the final version of the game.

December 6, 2005 - Our new word puzzle game Bonnie's Bookstore has been released!


Bonnie's Bookstore™ Marketing Materials


Some possible consumer marketing text. Feel free to use your own marketing copy as well - these are just ideas.


Long (73 words)

Link letters to form words in this exciting new word puzzle game! Bonnie has been running her bookstore for a while – now she wants to write her own books. Help her write updated, best-selling versions of classic children’s tales by spelling words on the 40 unique levels. Pick up wildcards and special bonus letters to spell extra-long words – but watch out for writer’s blocks – they’ll put your puzzle solving skills to the test!


Medium (27 words)

Help Bonnie write her books by building long words. Solve 40 challenging levels, with the help of wildcards and special letters – but watch out for writer’s block!


Short (10 words)

Build words to help Bonnie become a best-selling author!



You are granted permission to use the images below in conjunction with marketing, selling or press coverage of Bonnie's Bookstore. You may also use any images on the screenshots page, or take your own screenshots (press 'Print Screen' in the game to dump a screenshot to the game's main directory).

(Click on any image for a larger version, usually as a layered .PSD)



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